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To Korali

To Korali is our lovely secluded house, a 15 minute walk max or 5 min cycle or drive from the beach resort of Almyrida in NW Crete - see further down for much more info.

We have some availability for guests from July 2018. Let us know your plans and we'll get back to you.

Being a renovated old house, To Korali is designed for the climate and has airconditioning/heating, a fireplace and woodburning stove, telephone, wireless broadband, a music system, TV with CD player (no satellite). The kitchen and bathroom are beautifully designed and well equipped. We now have new, netted windows in the bedroom and a wonderfully comfortable new bed.

Our latest addition to the property is a beautiful pergola on the upstairs terrace, so there's shade to sit out during the heat of the day and doze or gaze at the mountains. Or it makes a lovely cool place to sleep in summer under a romantic net!

There are endless fabulous places locally and around Crete to explore on foot, by car or bicycle, and an increasingly rich choice of cultural activities in our area. Summer is blissfully hot with sea temperatures in the 20s. Autumn is like a second spring in Crete with nature bursting into life after the summer dry period. 

Have a look at the pictures and information on this site, and email us with further enquiries.
We look forward to sharing our love of Crete with you!

Cora and Ian

Visitors’ feedback

'We are resting in your lovely house before our final evening in Crete. The whole visit has been healing and refreshing and we are so happy that we have been able to stay here. Thank you so much.' Lorraine 2011

‘Private retreat – no one to see or hear us – deeply relaxing and healing space.’ Lisa

‘Great to have whole kitchen with sharp knives, coffee machine, even a steamer and juicer!’ Lisa 

‘Fab book/music collection.’ Lisa

‘Thick stone walls – secure, cool, strong, relaxing. Spacious interior and exterior.’ Ruth

‘View from sunny terrace of mountains in snow in May!’ Ruth

‘Love the layout and decoration of the bedroom…and views of mountains in the mornings!’ Margaret

‘I found my place in the hammock!’ Helen

‘Tranquil hideaway!’ Peter

‘Love the labyrinth. And the hammock and swing seat!’ Margaret

‘The air-conditioning, DVDs and comfortable bed has made it easier to feel like home!’ Bridie

‘I feel I’ve personally grown those pendulous aubergines!’ Margaret

‘The pomegranates have taken on a rosehip sheen in the evening sun.’ Peter

‘Excellent book collection has kept me occupied during long days on the beach!’
Ruth (no 2)

To Potential Visitors

from Cora and Ian

After visiting Crete for about 20 years, some 12 years ago we became the somewhat bemused and rather awed owners of a coral pink house which we called To Korali for its colour and its resemblance to our names! To Korali is a restored old farmhouse on the edge of the ancient village of Aspro in Apokoronou, near Hania in NW Crete.

In the village

Lovingly restored by a Greek artist, it has the space and privacy that make it ideal for writers and artists’ retreats, as well as being fabulously placed for family holidays.
Aspro: walk from the plateia to To Korali

Downstairs is spacious and open plan, with a wide stone arch connecting two rooms giving onto the kitchen at the back. There is a big open fireplace with traditional built in bed/seat beside it at one end,

and we’ve installed a modern woodburning stove at the other to make the
Christmas fire
house extra warm in winter. There is also a downstairs bathroom with washing machine. We have solar heating for water, with electrical backup for winter. There are high wooden ceilings, and a fully fitted modern kitchen. A washing machine, TV, video, stereo and wireless broadband are all installed. There are several shelves of books you’re welcome to browse and borrow as well as CDs and DVDs.
Upstairs is the big, light bedroom with two windows looking towards the White Mountains, and a French door looking towards the sea. From your pillow you can wake to views of the peaks of the White Mountains, which are snow covered for about half the year. There is also a modern bathroom and a huge south facing sun terrace with views of the valley  and mountains: also a perfect place at night for stargazing (there's even a telescope!) We have a futon base and comfy double mattress that are great for sleeping under the stars on the upper terrace in summer. Since 2016 there is also a new pergola upstairs.

sleep under stars?

Outside at the back is a large stone terrace, partially covered with a pergola and surrounded by almond, carob and cypress trees as well as flowers all the year round. Beyond is a long garden cum orchard (citrus fruit, apricots, plums, figs etc) cum olive grove, all private and with stunning views. There is plenty space for tents and hammocks.

Garden path

The village of Aspro is small but full of interesting architecture dating from Turkish rule, some restored and some still in ruins. The surrounding hills are forested mainly with cypress, rising from a river valley that falls away to the west of the house. There are now some modern housing developments in the area, but the centre of the village is under a preservation order. 15 minutes walk away is the small resort of Almyrida, with beautiful safe sandy beaches, cafes, bars and tavernas, shops internet cafe and hotels.
Sailing, windsurfing, and canoeing are available, as well as car and bike hire. We have mountain bikes, a windsurf board, body board and wetsuits that you can borrow.

The old Venetian harbour town of Hania is half an hour by road, and is Crete’s second city and cultural centre, with its famously beautiful Venetian harbour. Hania Airport is 40 mins drive from the house, and Heraklion about 2 hours. And all around there is West Crete to discover – mountains, coastline, ancient sites, villages, churches, caves, gorges etc while the main Minoan sites Knossos, Phaestos and many more are a couple of hours glorious driving across the island to the East. The South coast is a stunning mountain drive of about an hour and a quarter away to Chora Sfakia, where you can get a ferry to anywhere along the SW coast, or do coastal walks along the remote paths above the Libyan Sea.

nearby caves to explore

To Korali is a home, not an investment property. We like friends (or friends of friends) to stay when we aren’t here, in return for a low rent towards the upkeep and development of the property. This contribution is well below a commercial rent (about the same as the cost of a basic one roomed studio around here) - in part exchange for some help in watering plants and feeding the cat!

hard life!

Most times of the year, there should be something to eat in the garden. It could be figs, tomatoes, vegetables, herbs, pomegranates, plums, apples, almonds or oranges and grapefruit. The lemon tree seems inexhaustible!


And in January the first wild flowers - anenomes - begin the abundance of Spring flowers. To say nothing of empty beaches where you can swim until Christmas and after if you’re hardy or have a wetsuit! There is a big open fire and a woodburning stove in the house, which is also double glazed. 

We have a folder of maps and local information that is growing all the time, including guides to local walks.

We provide towels, bedding, and there are extra mattresses, pillows, and airbeds. This will change over time: if there’s anything you want, check us out.

Bring your own beach towels but you can borrow our beach kit like mats, masks and snorkels, and a beach tent. Also cagoules, umbrellas, for showers off-season.

Getting there

Direct charter flights, Ryanair and Easyjet to Crete currently start in April and end at the end of October. Chania is the nearest airport, and there are many more cheap flights there since Ryanair moved in.
At other times (or if you fancy a day or so in Athens) you can fly to Crete via Athens with Easyjet, Aegean or Olympic Airways etc. And if you’re on an overland journey, there are ferries from Athens and the Peloponnese. Some friends came by train and boat last year via Venice. We’re happy to give advice from our lengthy experience!

Get in touch!

Give us a ring or drop us a line with any enquiries, even if you don’t have a specific time in mind yet.
email will reach us in either location.

With warmth – lots of it! Cora and Ian

almond blossom in December!